July 2012 Pond and Maintenance Update

We as a board would like to keep you informed as to what has happened and what will be happening in your neighborhood over the next few weeks.

Let’s start with the bad news. Yes, the trees along 50 West are dying. They have been infested by the emerald ash borer, and will all die within the next few months. We are putting a plan together to get them cut, ground and replaced over the next 12 months.

The islands at both entrances contain pin oak trees. We had a certified arborist come out and give an assessment on these trees, and the ones in the common areas. We have lost 1 pin oak at each entrance from acidic ph levels. The remaining trees have been pruned and will receive chemical treatments in the fall and next spring. This should save them.

The city every few years checks our storm sewers and all is good except for a few spots that contained a large amount of grease. Please refrain from dumping your grease down the drain, as if it gets to the lift station in our neighborhood, the outcome would not be favorable.

You will see a lot of activity over the next few weeks, sorry for the delay. Much needed repairs and improvements are coming to our ponds and common areas. We need to get all the pond problems fixed before we enhance them with fountains and further landscaping. Please excuse any mess that may occur, however our contractor has assured us that they will keep it down to a minimum. The goal is to have all the ponds and common areas looking their best, and ultimately keep your property values stable.

We will make every attempt to save and transport any fish left in Pond 3, and all product used for sealing the pond is environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Finally, we will be petitioning the county this year to eliminate our property taxes on all the common areas. The common areas enhance your property value and thus your real estate taxes. The common area values are already calculated in your real estate assessments, so we will be eliminating this double tax.

If you have any questions, you may direct them to any board member, or email Rod Gayda at. Please also add your email address so we can finish our list.

Thank you.