Pond Maintenance and Repair to Start 7/19

Greenfield Creek Pond Construction

Neighbors –

Over the next few weeks ponds 2 and 3 will be receiving much needed repairs and improvements.  The timing with the lack of rain and the dry conditions make this the best time in years to proceed.  With that said, damage will be limited with the use of tarps and planks.  Equipment used will be of the track type when applicable.  Please keep your children off any equipment and product that may be left on-site.  We are making every effort to keep the product off-site until needed.

We will be completely draining pond 3 to properly fix the leak and unsightly appearance.  The skate park and Velodrome ideas were kiboshed.  Any fish that are left in that pond will be saved by our best efforts.  Pond 2 will be getting bank repairs and the sidewalks will be repaired.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Rod Gayda at 219-746-6908, or any other board member.