July 26 Board Minutes

Greenfield Creek Home Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, July 26, 2012

Present: Rod Gayda, President; Rick Hite, Vice President; Pat Cowan, Treasurer;
Scott Blazek, Secretary; Donny Rossetti, At-Large
Guest: Dave Miltenberger, Immediate Past President

Meeting called to order by Pres. Gayda at 8:00pm

Old Business

  • Effort being made to determine who created the current signs
    • Current wording of “Private Property. Homeowner use only”
    • Plan to use same wording, adding additional signage near entrances, at the bottom of stairs and along 50W
  • To address people in water and on ice, language originally slated to be sent out in a prior newsletter will be added to the website and the next newsletter
    • The “Private Property” signage would cover non-residents from being in/on the water in general


  • Gayda and Kozik inspected equipment used for the fountains
  • Gayda now has the key to the lock for fountains; will get a copy to Blazek
  • Repairing lights and issues with the fountains will be done when pulled at the end of the season
  • Work on 2,3 & 4 is being done
    • A plan to improve for additional improvements will be considered after the completion of the maintenance and repair work
      • This will allow an assessment to be done of the areas after the work is completed to better determine what else needs to be finished
  • The negotiation with the contractor saved around $7,000 with an additional $6,000 of the work being done with this project will be billed/paid in 2013

Previous Board Tree Planting Question

  • A resident inquired about being reimbursed for trees that the resident planted. The resident had heard the Board had planted trees in the area along the parkway.
    • The Board doesn’t have a current plan to do that and had no reference to it in recollection or policy.

Recent Board Letter Response

  • The floor was opened to share any feedback or questions raised by the recent letters sent to residents. There was not anything that had been brought to the attention of any of the Board members

Email Sign-up/Website

  • Nearly 50 emails have been collected
  • Website will be updated to include the language that discusses staying off ice and out of water with its own menu tab for ease of discovery

50 W Trees

  • Discussed a plan of attack for removing/replacing order for the trees along 50W. Cost of replacement will play a role in determining how quickly and density of the replacements

Golf Outing

  •  Tentative date of September 23 at the Valpo Country Club was determined. Calendars will be checked and availability of the course will be checked before next meeting

Future Projects

  • The Board will begin to look at plans for improvements and repairs that need to be identified so a comprehensive plan can be put in place and funding can be appropriately budgeted

Other Business

  • Checking with pond maintenance company about best places to access the ponds
  • Firework show was well received in the adjacent property and no negative feedback has been addressed to the Board
  • Members were asked to review the Bylaws to discuss at the next meeting

Next Meeting

  • To be determined

Motion to adjourn

  • Gayda. 2nd Rossetti
  • Voice Vote: Approved (unanimous)

Meeting Adjourned: 9:19pm
Submitted by RG Skadberg