From the President – Jan 28

From the President, Rod L.Gayda:

January 28th, 2013

Re: Dogs, Children, Speeding and Mischief:


Many neighbors have contacted me with regards to the continued unwanted dog piles that have been appearing in their yards.  I personally have seen a few people walking their dogs in the neighborhood at night, and not picking up after them.  I approached one that I saw and expressed my opinion, turned out the gentleman didn’t live in the neighborhood.

To me it is completely inconsiderate on the owner’s part.  If you have a dog, know what it takes to own one.  No one wants someone else’s mess on their lawn.  Make sure you have a bag with you when you walk your dogs.  Pick up after them as you would want your neighbor to do.

Finally, and for the last time, if you own a dog and don’t have a working invisible fence, make sure your dog is on a leash.  Several neighbors have found someone else’s dog sniffing around in their garage, or on their lawn.  From now on if this happens call the police and they will deal with the stray dog.  Here is the City of Valparaiso’s ordinance on animal control:

Please note the Public Nuisance definitions.


The rock that has been put around the drains and culverts is there for a reason.  Some boys have been caught throwing the rock on the ice and in the water.  This project cost us $20,000 to complete.  Many of you live on the ponds, so if you see someone doing this stop them or call me directly at 219-746-6908.  I don’t want to have to pay to have the job done again and I am sure you don’t either.


In the mornings, we have several vehicles coming in and out of the neighborhood.  I won’t mention the models that continually exceed 30 mph in the neighborhood, but hopefully after reading this, you will understand that there are children around and that the limit is 20 mph.  I will say, Toyota’s seem to have their speedometers a little off.


2 Weeks ago on South Winter lane, older kids were discovered walking around homes at 3 a.m. by a neighbor.  As all of you now we have had some activity in the neighborhood with regards to the pushing in of garage doors and the subsequent pulling of the realize latch which allows you do get into a locked garage.  Check out these tips:

Thanks again for reading, and thanks for keeping Greenfield Creek a safe and clean neighborhood to live.