Greenfield Creek was established jointly in 1992 by a local builder and a land owner.  The neighborhood consists of over 140 right sized homes along tree lined streets.  The neighborhood was annexed into the city of Valparaiso in 2006 along with several other Westside neighborhoods.  The neighborhood has comfortably wide sidewalks that connect all the houses and ponds, and can all access the Gazebo and Bridge.  The sidewalks also connect Greenfield Creek to the city, where you can walk to schools, and shopping if you choose.  It is certainly an enjoyable bike ride to the local ice cream shop.

Greenfield Creek Home Owners Association

The neighborhood is fortunate to be in an active community, supporting local events and neighborhood activities.  Take a look at Greenfield Creek, walk around, see the swing sets, bikes, basketball courts and pools (and shovels in the winter).