GreenfieldCreek Home Owners Association – Architectural Committee

The fence guidelines are as follows:

  • All fence proposals must be approved by the architectural review committee prior to installation.
  • Fences are to be made from vinyl or aluminum with open vertical slats that do not restrict sight lines.  White or black is preferred to keep with the theme in the subdivision.
  • Chain link or temporary fencings of any kind are not allowed.
  • A minimum 2 foot easement from adjacent property lines should be maintained.
  • Fences are not permitted in the front yard or side yard on corner lots (minimum building setback lines of 30ft will apply).
  • Both sides of fences must be maintained (e.g. mowing and mold removal).

Fences must also meet Valparaiso city requirements:

  • A permit is required.
  • Maximum fence height is 5 feet tall.
  • Fences should not infringe on drainage, utility or pipeline easements; nor change land contours required to manage water flow in natural or designed swales.
  • The easements noted above will be determined by the City Building Inspector as part of the permitting process.

The Board of Directors, Greenfield Creek HOA.
Updated May, 2020