Board of Directors

Board Duties: To maintain and operate common areas and facilities, to administer and enforce covenants and restrictions, and to collect and distribute assessments and charges.

Greg Miller
Vice President
Rarick Witvoet
Ann Buhner
Don Bull
Member at Large
Kim Troup
Member at Large
Rob Rodriguez

Planning to Update Your Landscaping, Put Up a Fence, or Build an Exterior Structure?

Submit your plans for approval. Please be prepared to provide drawings, specs, location on plat of survey with measurements to property lines, and types of plants or permit number if applicable.

Fence Guidelines

The fence guidelines are as follows:

  • All fence proposals must be approved by the architectural review committee prior to installation.

  • Fences are to be made from vinyl or aluminum with open vertical slats that do not restrict sight lines. White or black is preferred to keep with the theme in the subdivision.

  • Chain link or temporary fencings of any kind are not allowed.

  • A minimum 2 foot easement from adjacent property lines should be maintained.

  • Fences are not permitted in the front yard or side yard on corner lots (minimum building setback lines of 30ft will apply).

  • Both sides of fences must be maintained (e.g. mowing and mold removal).

Fences must also meet Valparaiso city requirements:

  • A permit is required.

  • Maximum fence height is 5 feet tall.

  • Fences should not infringe on drainage, utility or pipeline easements; nor change land contours required to manage water flow in natural or designed swales.

  • The easements noted above will be determined by the City Building Inspector as part of the permitting process.

Renewable Energy Guidelines

Greenfield Creek welcomes and encourages homeowners to save energy – and the environment – by adopting energy conserving habits and using renewable energy:

  • Solar power panels are an accepted form of renewable energy installation.

  • Wind turbines or wind generators are not approved. (Even our subdivision power and communication lines are buried as part of a pole-free community.)

As with any significant alteration, plans should be submitted to the GFC Architectural Board for approval before initiation of installation. Submittal can be via the GFC website or in person to a Board member.

Solar Power guidelines are as follows:

  • Solar panels must be installed on the roof. Freestanding in the yard are not allowed.

  • Panels must be of commercial quality; not “homemade”

  • Panels must be flush with (parallel to) the roof; not angled such that one end is farther from the roof.

  • The homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the roof can support the weight and structural requirements of any installation.

  • Any energy storage (such as batteries) and converter equipment must be placed either indoors (garage) or out of site from the street or common areas. 

  • Installations must meet Valparaiso city requirements; i.e. a building permit ensuring the installation meets city code is required.

Greenfield Creek Covenants

The Greenfield Creek Covenants cover guidelines and restrictions for builders, easements, land use and building type, driveways, fencing, landscape plans, prohibitions, the Greenfield Creek Property Owners’ Association, the Architectural Review Committee, and general terms.

Greenfield Creek Bylaws

The Greenfield Creek By-Laws cover meetings, voting rights, the board of directors, officers, committees, contracts and funds, books and records, and amendments to bylaws.

Dues, Payment & Collection Procedures

Dues for the upkeep and maintenance of commons areas and ponds are assessed annually.